Your houlihan's is located in the holiday inn sfo airport. toggle. your houlihan's is in the holiday inn sfo airport in s. san francisco. call 650-588- 2265.

Dec 14, 2008 calories in houlihan's seared rare tuna wontons. get healthy alternatives or nutrition facts on houlihan's seared rare tuna wontons.

Curious about how many calories are in seared rare tuna wontons? get nutrition tuna wontons. manufactured by houlihan's add to meal. add to recipe.

Dan admire revamps each of houlihan's 65 menu items with a grown-up customer is the same recipe, only presented on a 12-inch-by-4-inch white plate . fresh bananas, banana chips, seared rare tuna, sesame seeds and won-ton strips.


Houlihans Tuna Wonton Recipe

18 reviews of houlihan's "always been a huge fan of houlihan's. issues in the kitchen, the bar tender was too oblivious to look up a simple drink recipe, the food runner did not know the difference between lettuce wraps and tuna wontons, shortwave hereby.

More about 'tuna wontons' at houlihan's. submit your photo more about 'ahi tuna' at houlihan's . houlihan's snickers ice cream pie recipe from laurel.

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